facing a maths problem that requires exactly one more working memory slot than you currently have

>this summer...
>everyone's favorite plumber...
>is coming to the big screen
>cuts to bowser voiced by Adam Sandler What a bummer!
>Mario wakes up giddy for the morning as Peach is carried away in the distance, his alarm is still going off and he can't hear her, scrolls through some messages, looks up as he's about to read "princess peach kidnapped" remember to take up luigi, who's alarm is the local radio
>"in other news, princess peach has been-"
>Mario, voiced by Aziz Ansari "It's a me! Your brother, Mario! We need to get an early start on our day if we're going to get anything done!"
>Luigi, voiced by Owen Wilson, "just go on without me, man"
>Mario: "but together we are the super Mario brothers! Without you I'm just... Regular Mario Brother."
>two brothers will find themselves
>Mario "what?! Peach is missing?"
>Luigi "really?"
>and maybe Peach
>Mario "and bowser took her?"
>Luigi "wow REALLY?"
>but first they have to find Bowser
>bowser: "I know what girls like!"
>presents a bundle of fire flowers to Peach* "fire flower?"
>Peach kicks him in the balls
>"AAAAA My fire balls!"
>who might need to be saved from peach
>peach, voiced by who do you fucking think, it's Kristen Schaal "I keep inviting you to go kart riding, to play golf, to parties, and even to the Olympic Games AND THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME?!"
>this summer is going to be
>montage of slap stick
>bowser twerking
>Mario "aaawkward"
>this summer is going to be...
>montage that's pretty much the inevitable dance party ending
>toad doing a head spin
>this summer is going to be!
>*montage of every time they say "super" in the movie
>Super Mario Bros.

now's your chance to be a big shot be a big be a big be a big shot

i will believe whoever writes the longest blogpost

I vaguely remember there being some stats trick where like if you know distributions random variables X, Y, and X*Y or something you can find stuff about the relationship between X and Y

If so interested in this because let X = total EA spending, Y = EA meta spending, then we could elicit the effectiveness of EA meta spending (+$1 to meta = +$X in overall funding) from prediction markets or superforecasters

idk if I’m just making this up tho

Empty individualism is obviously true, closed individualism is obviously false, and who can tell about open individualism?

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if i were faced with a moral decision, i would simply only do it if it could be universalized

Thing I have noticed with rationalists (e. g. Ein Tyre and to a lesser extent myself): saying something and then pausing, saying "do I believe that?" and reflecting for a couple of seconds.
Its kind of an admission of defeat (your brain produces thought & speech faster than it can check) but there is a higher-order process running that performs a-posteriori sanity checks.

I like it.

they call it a Kafka pipeline because it keeps turning into a bug

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a Schelling point for those who seek one