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Also @locus @pee_zombie I'm still willing to take up administration of this server

the name's great and everything

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I am moving!

Alright everyone, unless something surprising happens my new account's gonna be at (the libertarians accepted me as one of their own).

This is a great time to sever ties or deepen relationships

@niplav sending out the locusbeacon into deep space ... praying our hero will arrive in our time of greatest need ...

I promise this is the only time I'll ask for this, so: pls boost this

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Toots 200h
Boosts 80h
Likes 600h
Server maintenance help 0h
Shitposting 500h

Please help me my instance is dying

(I'm looking for a new instance, if anyone wants to offer me a spot…)

This server will die soon I think

Twas an honor shitposting with you all,,, o7

"We should just ban talking about things that don't exist"

during an alignment research meetup

ideologies are just compressed & distributed vibes, shards of shared stances.

(wistfully) “im not a furry, though, i just listen to the music”

After another fair bit-chosen, we continue our search for the best unicode character, with a quaternary search by codepoint.

Round 5 (attempt 2, I get that this is frustrating because we landed in unassigned territory. See it as punting the question to the future):

#feditips trouble computing the cauchy-riemann equations? try doing a chsnge to vsriable to

x=u+iv; y=u-iv

(assuming the original function was in terms of u and v)

cauchy-riemann can be reformulated im this setting as the parrial of f wrt y being 0

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a Schelling point for those who seek one