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knuckle tatoos: “nplv site”, “ttra spce”, “less wrng”

DALL·E 2 prompts: The Gateboss of the Girlkeep

thinking about nea-risks

not enough algae

the masculine urge to become a nameless star on a wall somewhere in a basement of site 39

Now hips, a black hole to surround
no Riemann metric has yet traced
an old, a new decision is now made
a bow is drawn
a good one, as of yet
no fragmented escutcheon
from the old master's whirring feet
a pair of compasses would never
traverse the geodesic so
a “hi”, a “no”, a saddest look, relieved of possibility
Now have I fucking traumatized the bird‽

What are the scaling laws for sigmoid vs. ReLU activation functions?

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@helene no. "In the year of our lord two thousand and twenty, on the second sunday of the third month of spring, fifteen minutes past noon" is the only acceptable date format.

Hey babe, wanna overfill some hboxes tonight 😏

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Anyone have text book recommendations on queue theory?

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Maybe zero was invented earlier than I remembered

Wikipedia says the Babylonians probably had it already

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a Schelling point for those who seek one