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I will be in London 2023-05-19 to 2023-05-24 and in Berlin 2023-05-25 to 2023-05-30

HMU if you're a mutual who wants to meet up

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Very interesting "near-miss" of two integer sequences. I have to think about why the early coincidence happens.

niplav boosted Any sufficiently predictable magic is indistinguishable from science.

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Consensual Gramscian Incrementalism
Adorno: I agree!
Horkheimer: I agree!
[Western civilization frowning at the side]
Is there somebody you forgot to ask?

Ffmpeg but sung like the hhhgregg/doing alright daft punk remixes

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fascinating reddit phenomenon 

- r/anarchychess leaks onto a bunch of neighboring subreddits by replying to things with a string of replies: "Google [x]" "holy hell" etc.
- one of which is r/mathmemes, specifically with minimal square packing memes: "Google square packing" etc. sub is flooded with square packing memes.
- r/mathmemes bans square packing memes. users flock to r/anarchychess
- result: hybrid chess/math memes that sort of defy description

Forecasting is Worse is Better

The Brier score was invented in 1950, Bayes' theorem was first described in 1763, and probability theory was properly invented at the beginning of the 18th century.

However, attempting to use forecasting to seriously determine the probability of future events, training & selecting people for their forecasting ability and creating procedures that incorporate both intuition-based and model-based predictions have only been around since the mid 1980s

I'm now also back on twitter, handle niplav_site (celebrating the fact I managed to use the domain I now use:

Degrowth leads to stagnation not collapse I think

Site down till tomorrow bc DNS propagation

You gotta pump this agent's money
That's some rookie trading

You can't do an 'r' with a circumflex, my horrible buddhist joke falls through

<convex hull of all possible takes on trans people>

Mid people trying to look really hot in photos makes them just look bad

"a little defection never hurt anyone" he said, more to himself, sprinting for the next yad stop

Classification of simple finite pre-agents

{fuzzy, util} × {terminal, instrumental}

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a Schelling point for those who seek one