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wish i'd more openly registered the opinion that EAs shouldn't date each other

nice to see that Ziz is living the maoist dream: stabbing landlords with samurai swords[1]


(note that the above is not strictly true: her *friend* stabbed the landlord, but I was willing to overlook that detail for snappiness)

Surprising that implementing ADAM with numpy is like 20 lines

I would've thought SOTA to be more complicated than that

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the peter thiel question, or "i'm gonna get downvoted for this"

harberger taxes on domain names with a simplicity prior.

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solarpunk slightly hindered by the fact that for solar panels and cutesy robots you need industrial-strength chipfabs that are so advanced we have like 6 of them in the entire world

Will I ask out the thick one

The Markovian argument against reparations

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we're paving over the reputational ecosystems with beautiful curves whose area sums to one, just watch

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I enjoy bash scripting, being a little cyber plumber whacking things with a giant monkey wrench

okay here's the plan

scale down:
• normal timewasting
• reading stuff
• trying to become an intellectual

scale up:
• meditation
• weightlifting
• sitting on benches
• asking out women

myabe also become a better software engineer because money might be relevant

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I believe that in effective altruism, deciding where funds are redirected by classic one-person-gets-one-vote methods would be hugely misguided. leading to coalitions appropriating resources, working against specialization etc. not against funders trying better mechanisms to elicit local knowledge, but applause-lighting “democracy” ain't gonna cut it

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relationship status: resolving a recent ontological shift

In the 16th century, two Swiss cantons nearly went to war with each other over the presence of red beardick on a coat of arms

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The JARPA program has the worst whales killed/papers produced of any initiative I know of: 1800

(I've managed to stay at 0! get your act together guys)

(source: Whaling in Japan Wikipedia article, subsection Publications)

Even if cold-approaching was socially acceptable, you still wouldn't do it

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a Schelling point for those who seek one