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Where are all the Ramanujans? Shouldn't widespread proliferation of the internet have unearthed them by now?

i am normal and can be trusted to be invariate under conjugation to my supergroup

"So you're proposing an economic intervention" checklist like the programming language one

things becoming increasingly insane is lindy

Everybody is unhappy because everybody is a price taker

(retweeting some old posts I think were bangers)

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A solution is technical if it is precise enough to be goodharted, and social if it's so cryptonormatively imprecise that it can be used to coalitionally extract value

dimwit: people are too lazy, too little is happening

midwit: but if you do too much, you risk running into addictive processes & self-reinforcing loops; credit-assignment is hard and goodharts law looms everywhere

synwit: yet: we see high-variance societies with lots of innovation doing useful & better stuff all the time, look for actions bounded below but not above, if you're good at optimizing you're probably also good at discovering that your optimization has gone haywire, thousand flowers!

my reply guys have reply guys, and they have reply guys too, and deeper still; together we implement an HCH tree.

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Virtue ethics is just the bounded agent's cry for a larger t

I think restricting the greater male variability hypothesis to mainly just IQ is odd

If it's true it explains *so much* about why humanity is the way it is

such an elegant compression (I believe it to be true, mostly)

you can't just propose a counterfactual and not state whether it's evidential or causal

where you do() the past to produce it

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I spent 15 minutes showing my wife how to use AutoHotKey to automatically type her office hours schedule into text boxes (since she types that a lot).

Now her idea of date night (grandma takes the kid) is to go to a bar with our laptops and figure out what else about her job we can automate. True love.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one