AIXI was made 2000 AD
hence we get AGI in 2047

this is about 30 years in the future, which satisfies Platt's law

timelines solved ✅

Twitter conversation:

@trevorjtweets: What's the mechanism? Rainforest Coalition or something?

Me: Founders Pledge has highlighted The Clean Air Task Force, Carbon 180 and TerraPraxis in their report (, in general there are lots of people selling carbon offsets at about $15/t with various accreditation schemes (eg

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advent of code spoilers 

my solution for part 1 also worked exactly as-is for part 2, which was nice

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hm thinking of tetratopian history

specifically i need an order of warrior-monks who take all the drugs and use all the mental tech and dye their hair white and have pink contact lenses and call themselves idk Quattrorums or something

not because they're rationalists - rationalism is natural, it occurs wherever there are aristocrats to set up the incentive structures - but because they want to have a fun time

🤔 I wonder if there's mastodon tumblr, character limits are silly and just stolen to be like Twitter imo, macroblogging that's also social media feels more like what I want from the internet

and if so is there some way I can move there and still have it interoperate with so I can talk to my friends there too

magia record spoilers 

okay finished the first season of magia record madoka magika side story

it was pretty good. the magia records seem cool. i would have a beer with the magia records. not the wings of the magias themselves theyre a weird cult sorry. like the magia records as in the characters. yui tsoruno. i would have a beer with yui tsoruno is what i mean. shes the best character


unfortunately "unvaccinated posting their Ls" is just lots of people dying painfully and alone with lungs filled with fluid so its much less fun to laugh at

i've found that the effect of melatonin is that it makes all of my sleep slightly crappy, instead of before when some of my sleep was ok and some of my sleep was very crappy.

this is probably an improvement because nowadays I'm woken up by an alarm clock, probably wouldn't have been good under my ideal bachelor college life back in the good old days

the mastodon fandom is dying, reshare this if you’re a true masturbator

melatonin gives me some parts of tiredness but not others, it’s like if I stayed up all night then drank two cups of coffee or something ?

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a Schelling point for those who seek one