0.00000001c foot
0.0000001c car
0.000001c plane
0.00001c chemical
0.0001c thermal
0.001c fission
0.01c fusion
0.1c antimatter
1c photon

In school I made one of these that went up to 10,000,000,000c temporal because I was on something else back then. I should do that again it was fun


second dimensional hypertech
10c hypermatter
100c shadowmatter
1000c infomatter
10,000c synergetic
100,000c antisynergetic

third dimensional superhypertech
1,000,000c spherical
10,000,000c toroidal
100,000,000c sawtooth
1,000,000,000c ladderic
10,000,000,000c microloop

fourth dimensional temporaltech
100,000,000,000c temporal

I was super into the Clark-Fisher model so each of these mapped to a different sector of the economy. Like fusion and antimatter take a quaternary sector and beam and hypermatter and shadowmatter take a quinary sector and so on. Everything in tables and grids.

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