does mastodon have a 'turn off RTs' option?

on the web interface below the textbox there's five (sometimes four) icons, one of which is a globe by default. If you click you can make the poast unlisted which i think also turns off RTs (in the local lingo "boosts")

ah just tested it and no RTs only works iff also restricted to followers

@niplav I meant, is there a way to stop RTs from a specific account from showing up in my feed

@acidshill in the tusky app when visiting someones profile there is a "hide boosts" option in the three-dot menu. Doesn't seem to work. Maybe works only on future boosts and not things already in your tl?

@tess @acidshill yep the "hide boosts" is the one, and yep it's not retroactive afaik

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