so it would seem that mastodon doesn't really have UI for threads, doesn't support QTs, and doesn't support search of posts except for hashtags

for being ostensibly a clone or replacement to twitter, it doesn't actually have the features needed to support the way i use twitter

which is fine i guess, the devs aren't obligated to build a perfect copy

but it seems quite clear to me that their vision for what they want to build is not at all aligned with what i like about twitter or what i want to use it for

@Rrrrrrr i mean yes, you can do it if you really want to, but the UI support is zero

when really it should be frictionless for me to use it the way i want to


I'm pretty new to mastodon myself and hacking into the UI to personalise it to my liking. Also kind of curious on how to add new features in due time.

You can donate and join the developer chat to see if there's interest perhaps.

@Rrrrrrr oh no they've made it clear that not implementing QTs was a deliberate feature


There's some discussion going on here still, especially with new users coming in. Since its open source there are plenty of avenues.

Technically one could always build a workaround for this if they want it enough.

@acidshill yeah there were a few design decisions made explicitly to be different from twitter for a variety of reasons, some of which i agree with but many of which i dont

1. re search, yeah its different from twitter, but specifically here its just disabled bc i havent set up the infra for it
2. there's a masto fork that supports QTs, i'm thinking of adopting it (its also just a rendering diff, just paste the link in a toot)
3. yeah the threading UI is uhhhh not great

@pee_zombie the forking also seems like potentially a problem? like, i think it's good that instances can do things differently and still talk to each other, but i strongly suspect that it's gonna cause issues when they're using different sets of features, different design, different assumptions for how things work

@acidshill not really, its already been happening for many years. it works bc there's a common underlying specification, ActivityPub, with multiple implementations (Mastodon, Pleroma, GoToSocial, PixelFed etc). the entire point of the fediverse is that you can use whatever software you like

@pee_zombie yes, and i also notice that whenever i've used or played with mastodon, i've never seen uhh RTs or whatever from non-mastodon servers

maybe that's just because the userbase is smaller? but there's a difference between mere protocol compatibility and actual functional integration of data/content posted on different platforms

@pee_zombie @acidshill
I'm pretty confident that you (shill) have seen them, they're just visually the same in the UI

@acidshill no i'm actually asking, is there something you've noticed i havent?

@pee_zombie probably not

i've spent maybe 4 hours on mastodon in my life, these are very much first impressions

@acidshill most of these can be done with alternative servers or backends. akkoma (and misskey iirc) supports QTs, for example. it isn't exactly thread reading but akkoma (maybe others, but that's the only one I've used) has tree-style reply viewing which isn't perfect but much better than whatever fucking semi-chronological mix-in-random-replies-of-replies mastodon has going on in the default UI.
full-text search is deliberately not a default but you can enable it; not sure how it works with mastodon but on akkoma you just have to install a dependency and toggle a switch in the admin settings, iirc.

it's not all there yet but with the influx of new people, you can probably expect feature parity with twitter (though possibly spread across different software) at some point in the future.
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