writing malware that will infect a Kindle and replace all the books with ads for mexican beer. that's right, a novel corona virus

Using #vim is easy once you learn a few basic keybindings.

h and l - move left and right
j and k - move down and up
η and λ - move backwards and forwards through time
ξ and κ - translation through additional temporal dimension (if applicable)
ᚻ, ᛄ, ᚳ and ᛚ - moving left, down, up, and right through celestial spheres
𐤄 and 𐤋 - switch deity to pantheon member to left or right
𐤉 - supplicate to chosen deity
𐤊 - challenge chosen deity (dangerous)
:q - exit

okay, so there's moa.party for duplicating your posts between Twitter and Mastodon

is there any easy way to view your timeline across both in one interface

the reason I tend to just default to mass-market mainstream solutions for stuff like this is that every alternative has all this stupid jank that I have to devote cycles to figuring out

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so apparently the Mastodon web interface has absolutely no way to access the search box if you're in narrow-screen mode, as e.g. a tablet in vertical orientation

and, in fact, no hint that a search box even exists

Tired: Make wubsite fast with CDN, thousands of locations, every major city

Wired: Make wubsite fast with delete stupid js you don't need


a Schelling point for those who seek one