Not quite true to canon, nor a poem, but I enjoyed it all the same. The Shakespearean turns of phrase are well done.

But the best part of having the simulators analogy handy, is that it prevents you from getting stuck in the contentless framing wherein LLMs are "just" text predictors.

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The question of how intelligent simulacra like ChatGPT can become is not at all settled, and we shouldn't expect there to be fundamental limits. (But there may be practical ones.)

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Large language models are simulators, and the different behaviors we see exhibited by ChatGPT and friends can be explained by how simulacra are instantiated and evolve within them.

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The extra layer of control you get via natural-language prompting can be quite useful, comparing LLMs to traditional ML systems:

The new Safari beta release is great and all, but what I *really* want to congratulate the WebKit team on is their excellent tech writing, and in particular how they avoid the incorrect "ClassName.method" notation for instance methods. background on this problem. The supplement of which contains this fascinating info on "discretionary ligatures"...

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Why is Twitter on Android displaying this Japanese tweet in Chinese fonts? (Look at the 今 and 連絡 characters.) There are hiragana in the message...

Is there a system or app setting I can fix?

And another: whether text-predictors might take agent-like action to make future text easier to predict. You might think no, but consider the closely-related recommender systems, like the YouTube or Amazon algorithms...

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Comment discussions: whether the structure of the transformer architecture is able to, in principle, carry out complex enough computations to simulate conscious minds.

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Twitter's new "first tweet is always a promoted tweet" policy has made it much easier for me to execute my strategy of blocking any account that promotes tweets.

But over the last day, I've started to get science papers as promoted tweets??


a Schelling point for those who seek one