@autiomaa I keep seeing people link to this 8-year old "Chromium" version from back when Blink was a separate repository. The actual Chromium one is in source.chromium.org/chromium/c .

@gregtatum This is definitely doable. I spent 5 minutes on it and am getting good (not perfect) results from both ChatGPT and Claude. A bit more fine-tuning or maybe just better prompting, and you'd have something very good.

@rmondello This sounds really great!!

To confirm, if I want to share passkeys between iPadOS Safari, Android Chrome, and Windows Firefox, the best route is going to be a third-party password manager, right? And per your tweet, Safari/iCloud/iOS is doing its part there?

@verdi I really really need translation. I suspect this is out of your control since even desktop Firefox doesn't have it, but that's the number 1 reason I have to switch to Chrome on Android.

@WomanCorn Reading the spec is one approach.

If you file a Chromium bug (crbug.new) it will probably get triage attention from engineers who can do the spec-reading for you.

Browsing wpt.fyi/results/css/css-contai for something similar to your case might also be illuminating.

Alright I made it, I'm staging.bsky.app/profile/domen . Will try to pay it forward once whatever mysterious invite-generating process happens.

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I am bad at (and mentally drained by) online shopping. I made a valiant effort this weekend to find new shoes, but (a) most stores in Japan max out at 30.5 cm; (b) the one store I found and loaded up my cart on, has a limited allowlist of email domains. Defeated.

@foolip People keep making fun of me when I pronounce "Vue" like "voo" instead of "view".

@WomanCorn file: URLs are broken for various reasons; bypassing such a large chunk of the platform (i.e. the network stack, the origin model, ...) often has bad interactions. http on localhost should work fine though.

@foolip Yeah, at least for the static services. The problem is just whether we want to spread over all of DigitalOcean, AWS, and Netlify...

I then asked a follow-up question about how I could made this work while also grouping the results. It (of course) knew what to do there too. But check out how the conversation ended! I thought I was just doing a polite "thank you", but I got a bonus lesson!

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15 minutes reading docs on how "common table expressions" work, and I still can't figure out how or whether they'll solve my problem.

1 minute with ChatGPT, and it says "CTEs will work. Here's the modified code."

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I really enjoyed using ChatGPT-4 today to get better at a programming language I'm new/bad at. (Namely, SQL.)

@estark Bing might be the right tool for this job, although it wasn't able to parse a calendar itself (I had to navigate from the current month to August):

If you use unload handlers, then you should check out this potential change in Chrome.

Unload handlers are VERY unreliable but on desktop they also prevent the use of the bfcache on Chrome (and Firefox), while on mobile they don't. We want to align it to how it works on mobile.


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