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As Xmas draws to a close here in Japan, I'm sad to report yet another year without settling the eternal question: what does "the very next day you gave it away" mean?

Twitter's new "first tweet is always a promoted tweet" policy has made it much easier for me to execute my strategy of blocking any account that promotes tweets.

But over the last day, I've started to get science papers as promoted tweets??

For a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange with a limit of (say) ¥4,000, is 4000 × 1¥ coins the best gift or the worst gift? 🤔

Before you answer, remember

Alright, I'm fully redundant now, having set up Mastodon, Post, and Cohost accounts. But I'd still put most of my probability mass on Twitter shambling forward.

Mastodon could really benefit from some third-party cookies to allow me to follow across instances without this awkward copy-and-paste dance...

Will saying "toot" eventually come to sound normal, like iPad, or forever induce juvenile chuckles, like squirting to a Zune?


a Schelling point for those who seek one