it has been brought to my attention that within the last few days our federated timeline has gotten rather... interesting. while no one HAS to see these posts, it can be suboptimal when there is a low signal-to-noise ratio. in the interests of good content, is there appetite for silencing some of the worst offenders? Silencing means that users from those servers can still be followed, but other posts won't show up in the timeline. open to suggestions!

@locus No opinion.

Or rather, ultimately I want to be following enough cool people that I can find more in their replies and boosts, rather than bothering with the federated feed at all.

I also expect that the rudest posters will drop off of the fediverse once they've gotten it out of their system. I think their instance is as new as ours.

OTOH, I could do without the bullshit, so I won't moss them much if you silence them.


@WomanCorn @locus

I personally just muted some of the worst ppl at poa.st and it's now a lot more readable.

But I agree that eventually the federated feed will be something I don't really look at once my own TL has become Good

@funkyduffy @WomanCorn @locus I literally only federate with schelling.pt, for precisely this reason. When I was more permissive I ended up going into my config and banning all the “4chan” instances. Helped a lot, but it’s just really hard to keep the cancer out with unrestricted federation.

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