The alternative to kids doing things on their own is typically not us doing the same things together. Instead, it's at least one kid needing to accept doing something they like much less, and typically a lot more indoor time.

A dance organization I help run recently surveyed our community on what covid precautions they would like to see. Results:

The most surprising things to me was how pro-masking the respondents are, and also how uncontroversial requiring bivalent boosters is.

Algorithmic feeds are good, as long as the user is in control of the prioritization:

Taking a dark and brooding fiddle tune in Gm, and reinterpreting it in Bb major:

I'm confused about norms around when it's ok to link to public Mastodon posts:

@harris continuing our dinner conversation

@hugh responding to your blog post


a Schelling point for those who seek one