@city totally! Possibly this could even be alternative js on the client

The alternative to kids doing things on their own is typically not us doing the same things together. Instead, it's at least one kid needing to accept doing something they like much less, and typically a lot more indoor time. jefftk.com/p/whats-the-alterna

@pee_zombie I do think there are more autistic people in the contra dance community than in the broader world, but it's still a pretty low fraction

A dance organization I help run recently surveyed our community on what covid precautions they would like to see. Results: blog.bidadance.org/2022/11/cov

The most surprising things to me was how pro-masking the respondents are, and also how uncontroversial requiring bivalent boosters is.

Algorithmic feeds are good, as long as the user is in control of the prioritization: jefftk.com/p/user-controlled-a

@harris since you're proposal is in strict priority order posts would get less and less interesting to you as you scrolled down, so you might not need a strict limit to tell you that it was time to be done, it might just get boring?

(Facebook, Twitter, etc don't use strict priority order for this reason, pretty sure)

@harris for (3), why exclude higher-ranked things you haven't seen yet?

Taking a dark and brooding fiddle tune in Gm, and reinterpreting it in Bb major: jefftk.com/p/catharsis-in-bb

@rcarmo @danluu The main platform support influencers need is just the ability to have lots of followers, so there's nothing about Mastodon's structure that's especially anti-influencer. If Mastodon becomes big enough to be worth people trying to make a job out of, you'll have to deal with influencers hyping things here too ;)

@danluu it makes sense when you consider selection bias: the twitter posts you see are massively more likely than average to be made by people optimizing for engagement, so you think this is much more common than it actually is

I'm confused about norms around when it's ok to link to public Mastodon posts:

@harris continuing our dinner conversation

@hugh responding to your blog post

@danluu I don't think I've had any actions fail, or if I have I don't know what it looks like.

But the instance I'm on is only *nominally* the Schelling Point instance

@city getting comments set up on a new platform is pretty easy for me because the cross-posting is manual. Though if I like Mastodon then at some point I'm going to want to pull replies back down to display on jefftk.com, which I expect will be harder


a Schelling point for those who seek one