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apologies for the recent downtime! I'm still looking into what happened and will report back with findings. for the time being, we are back up.


its been a bit over a week since we've started hanging out here, here are some stats on what's happened so far

91 total users
23 new users this week
61 users active this week
2.63k interactions this week

lmk if y'all would like to see more/less of this sort of thing, or any other kind of info!


it has been brought to my attention that within the last few days our federated timeline has gotten rather... interesting. while no one HAS to see these posts, it can be suboptimal when there is a low signal-to-noise ratio. in the interests of good content, is there appetite for silencing some of the worst offenders? Silencing means that users from those servers can still be followed, but other posts won't show up in the timeline. open to suggestions!


the SSL issue has been resolved and images should be working now! please let me know if this is not the case, and generally if anything isn't working!


we may experience momentary downtime (<5 mins) within the next half hour as I fix our SSL/media issues; working images incoming!

hey there all y'all, and welcome to! I appreciate you joining me in this experiment and hope we succeed in building a nice lil community here. one thing that may help is linking back to your Twitter on your profile, like I did in the attached pic; totally optional, but may help us get our bearings. I'm still working out some of the kinks in the setup and would appreciate if you report any issues to me or @locus ! ty and have fun

admin announcement: there seems to be an issue with our media host's SSL cert causing images to not load; this will be resolved this weekend


a Schelling point for those who seek one