apologies for the outage, we should be back now! these should be minimized soon as I'm working on setting up monitoring/alerting

@anonymoose thanks for letting me know, its been a recurring issue; should be fixed now!

@WomanCorn oh no! ty for the notice, I'll take a look in the AM


seems like we haven't had images load for a bit over a week; apologies for taking so long to address this. the cause was that the SSL cert for the object storage domain (files had expired, as I had forgotten to renew it at the same time as the primary cert for the root domain. I've resolved the issue & will try to find time to automate the cert renewal so that we don't face this issue again

major thanks to @WomanCorn and @TetraspaceGrouping for pointing this out!

@WomanCorn oh no!! thanks for brining it to my attention, I'll take a look ASAP

@TetraspaceGrouping @protoneutype ah missed this one sorry! yeah I've thought about this, not sure what the answer is tbh. don't think limiting would be a good idea as it's unfeasible to entirely switch over. it would be nice to be able to use this as the primary interface, but it doesn't really work that well in practice, as you can't really "see" Twitter from here

@TetraspaceGrouping hey thanks for this, it helped me figure out what was wrong; i knew the primary certificate wasn't expired, but the `files.` subdomain was using an older, incorrect one, and needed to be renewed independently. should be working now!


once again, apologies for the downtime! I am investigating the root cause, and setting up monitoring/alerting will be my highest priority this weekend, in order to minimize the risk of this recurring. thank you for your patience and for bearing with our growing pains!


apologies for the recent downtime! I'm still looking into what happened and will report back with findings. for the time being, we are back up.


its been a bit over a week since we've started hanging out here, here are some stats on what's happened so far

91 total users
23 new users this week
61 users active this week
2.63k interactions this week

lmk if y'all would like to see more/less of this sort of thing, or any other kind of info!

@nerdposterino depends on which interface you're using, but there should be several views:
- home: toots/boosts from users you follow
- local: toots/boosts from users on this server
- federated: toots/boosts from users on servers which we federate with


it has been brought to my attention that within the last few days our federated timeline has gotten rather... interesting. while no one HAS to see these posts, it can be suboptimal when there is a low signal-to-noise ratio. in the interests of good content, is there appetite for silencing some of the worst offenders? Silencing means that users from those servers can still be followed, but other posts won't show up in the timeline. open to suggestions!

@WomanCorn that's pretty much it, yeah, with the caveat that there are some technical details idk about how exactly the fetch happens. I imagine it may effectively sample the feed rather than mirroring every single post, but I'm not sure

most servers are pretty small, numbering in the low hundreds of users, and Pleroma instances tend to be even smaller

@WomanCorn toots from servers that we federate with, ie servers on which reside users our users follow.

i imagine you may be asking due to some of the content that's been showing up lately

something I can do is "silence" certain servers with a low signal-to-noise ratio, such that only posts from followed users show up, rather than all of that server's content

@mattparlmer while I'd love to take the credit this is merely a rather vanilla deployment of Mastodon, my work is just the infra setup. the masto dev community does great work

@mattparlmer ah, or do you mean to redirect /handle to /@handle

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