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grateful to have found this community, and with it, the opportunity for productive discourse and shitpoasts aplenty; this past year.5 would have been much less tolerable w/o it

lets play a little collaborative search game! rules in the replies:

I have a specific Wikipedia page in mind, and invite you to guess what it is by posting a link to it; I'll reply with the distance between your guess and the right answer, ie, the degrees of separation. you can use this website to test your theories


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pls reply to the FIRST tweet in this thread, & pls only ONE guess per player; you may want to pay attention to other player's results, as they may help you triangulate. collaboration is crucial for this sort of game! winner will get a special prize that I'll figure out later

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I'll be responding to these in batches btw so pls be patient if I don't get to yours right away

oh and I guess I should give a hint; it's thematically appropriate to my brand, and it used to be mentioned in my bio. OGs may remember.

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minor rules update

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@ulkar_aghayeva good question! i did realize after posting that the rules, as stated, incentivize waiting until later in the game to post. suboptimal!

lets say instead, multiple guesses are allowed, but only in response to someone else's guess, along their theme

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we have a winner, folks! @sidbendu has figured it out: the Internet Research Agency is exactly the page I had in mind. some of you may remember that my original handle was "internet research agency employee"


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@pee_zombie Internet Research Agency

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