I kinda wanna be more active on here again

but my TL is like all auto-shared tweets (many of which I already saw on birb site)

I suspect this is the case for others as well, and one of the reasons engagement has dropped

following more ppl would probly also help lol

petition to remove ability to auto-share tweets here so our TLs aren't clogged by stuff we've already seen elsewhere? @locus

@protoneutype @locus I'm going to configure Moa to only post Mastodon -> Twitter, that way I should get most of the network effects that make it hard to migrate to Mastodon while also avoiding this problem

@TetraspaceGrouping @protoneutype ah missed this one sorry! yeah I've thought about this, not sure what the answer is tbh. don't think limiting would be a good idea as it's unfeasible to entirely switch over. it would be nice to be able to use this as the primary interface, but it doesn't really work that well in practice, as you can't really "see" Twitter from here

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