hiii I wasn't able to use this for forever but tried desktop instead of tusky and I guess it's still working (!)

anyway... happy friday folks 🥳

I kinda wanna be more active on here again

but my TL is like all auto-shared tweets (many of which I already saw on birb site)

I suspect this is the case for others as well, and one of the reasons engagement has dropped

following more ppl would probly also help lol

petition to remove ability to auto-share tweets here so our TLs aren't clogged by stuff we've already seen elsewhere? @locus

the bad news:

I'm a developmentally retarded outcast who in hindsight regrets much of the last 20 yrs of his life

the good news:

for someone in that position, I'm doing fairly well and feel like the trajectory of my life is finally-sort-of-maybe-probably-likely back on an ''''acceptable'''' track 🚟🔜🌉

my worldview subjectively feels in accordance with a possible future, and that's a HUGE change

to think it would take me this long to befriend my future self... better late than never 🐀🤝📮🦔


❤️ if u check one box
🔁 if u get BINGO !!!

Looking forward to doing my usual threshold L dose again tomorrow ✊

I'm only doing it every other day now, which coincides with an oxy microdose in the evening

so today is an off day for both

the first night I definitely noticed the oxy, the other two but as much. still too early to draw any conclusions

anyone capable of keeping up with life's steady stream of relentless change, endless decision-making, and cutthroat competition without the aid of the cognitive rocket boost provided by psychedelics is blessed with gifts and abilities SWIM can only dream of 🌃

had three great chats but no human contact tonight, so decided this would be a good day to try microdosing oxy for the first time

conducting human experimentation on myself to extend the frontiers of science (read: to rewire my nervous system to cultivate internal belonging and security)

will report more later

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When did Google start asking for this to watch age-restricted videos? (And how does having a credit card prove that I'm an adult?)

visited poa.st/ and was NOT impressed by the user base 😅

meanwhile extropian.net doesn't seem to be accepting new accounts atm 😔

does anyone know of any other promising masto instances? 🔗🐘🌐

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