In things that annoy me to an unreasonable degree:

Using periods to replace spaces in filenames.

It's 2023! There is not a single filesystem in use outside a goddamn museum that cannot accept the humble space as a valid character in a filename! STOP DOING PERIODS.

Now there are those who will say, "But Alistair, using spaces in a filename is inconvenient, because you have to quote the filename or escape the spaces when using it at the command line."

And I will grudgingly accept this argument, although your shell sucks.

But I will then say "So pick a different substitute character that doesn't have any syntactic significance in filenames so it can be freely auto-replaced with merry abandon."

Tilde. Logical not. Butt-scratching emoji. Non-breaking Unicode general fuckery character. I don't care. Just not the period.


@cerebrate Had to make this…


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