Randomly wondering what the very libertarian denizens of the would think of being accused of that old Earth standby, "rugged individualism".

Something, I think, along the lines of:

"Don't be silly. We prefer soft, squishy individualism, with lots of cushions and fancy coffee. Also puppies. Puppies are good."

@cerebrate A superior libertarian is one who uses his superior moral philosophy to avoid situations requiring the exercise of his superior ruggidity?


See previous side note, heh.

But essentially, yeah. I mean, if we are all our best individuals (kind, generous, honest, loyal, etc., etc.), then situations in which we *need* to be all rugged should simply never arise, 'cause we'd be living in a high-trust mutually supportive society of generalized awesomeness.

We are free to be sources of yay, not just sources of suck, belike.


@cerebrate I guess I'm thinking of stuff like _Darkness_Within_. Certainly the modal Imperial sitting pretty in the middle of the CEZ surrounded by wonderful sophs and shiny everything should never be faced with a situation like that. But from my read of the Imperial psyche I'd've thought it'd be important to them to be able to honestly believe they _could_ handle it. Is that not what you mean by "ruggedness"?

@soundnfury Thinking in this case of the pejorative uspol definition of the whole phrase; not taking a position against ruggedness.

But the thing I note about _Darkness Within_ is that Isif never has a moment’s doubt about all the other people’s work she and her plan are depending on, or that the rest of the fleet have her back and are coming for her. Not a *moment*.

Everyone has solid trust in that everyone else will do the right, smart thing.

@soundnfury Which are very much not traits of the uspol-stereotype of the “rugged individualist”.

Even if it’s exactly how squishy individualism should work.

@cerebrate Okay. I guess I don't quite speak fluent uspol, which is probably lucky of me on the whole. (And on reflection I may be conflating "rugged" with "resourceful"; I'm not too sure where the line is drawn.)

@soundnfury definitely lucky.

Learning uspol is like staring into the Nietzschean abyss.

Except the abyss is goatse.

It’s goatse all the way down.

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