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Turns out I wasn't the first one to make this joke. :/

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New crypto startup, NFTulips, selling NFTs on individual plants.

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.@GyroStable, an all-weather stablecoin, is looking for a remote Senior Smart Contract Developer!

⚡ Work on the design of the protocol’s smart contracts
⚡ Implement smart contracts in Solidity
⚡ Work on the deployment on Ethereum mainnet

Apply now 👇

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Nice overview of the Gyroscope stablecoin system we are building👇

Thanks for the great discussion with the @EconsDesign team!

Video here 👉

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How does it work using the dual AMM model? Watch our latest video on Gyroscope to find out:

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A BSC project is impersonating Gyro ‼️
Please be careful and don't buy any tokens ‼️
No stablecoins or gov tokens have been issued by the Gyro Protocol.

The official Gyro is
✅ @GyroStable

RT @GyroStable
A BSC project is impersonating Gyro ‼️
Please be careful and don't buy any tokens ‼️
We have not yet issued stablecoins or gov tokens.

The official Gyro is

Thanks for the reminder. 🙏 OTOH, why would they say that if there wasn't at least some chance that I might, in fact, be a cow.
You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it.

Me: Holunder (elderberry)
GBoard: Homo-Bett (homo bed)
(That's actually incredibly offensive. How does it come up with this stuff?!?)

What the loving...
I've watched this like 10 times now. This is grotesque!
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This footage will still be played in 100 years. It now joins images of the retreat from Saigon and the naked Vietnamese girl as one of the west’s most shameful moments in modern history.

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Thing learned at school that I’m still unlearning:

1. You only have one chance to do anything, and if you fail you’re either stupid or lazy

2. Asking questions gets you in trouble

3. There’s only one correct way to do things, and it’s up to authority to decide which way it is

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After the success of last week's office hours, we're doing it again this week. Join the team for Office Hours tomorrow/Thursday 1-1:30pm CET / 7-7:30pm SGT. This week will be hosted by @ljfgudgeon and @sschuldenzucker in the "office-hours" channel in the Discord. See you there!

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Calling all Gyronauts! Gyroscope is hiring a senior smart contract engineer and a lead front-end engineer. Email us at if you want more information!

🤔 If the tax only applies to her personal income (not the family's), this should also help with gender equality.
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Where my Hungarian ladies AT!!!!

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@paulg Behold... the Drawer of Infinite Donkeys.

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We're running an experiment! Join the Gyro team for Office Hours tomorrow/Thurs 7-7:30pm CET / 1-1:30pm ET. We're trying this out as a new venue for Q&A and getting to know the community. This week will be hosted by @aklamun and @sschuldenzucker, who lead Gyroscope Research

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