I feel like psychometricians should make more diagrams like this, to better illustrate the meaning of the traits they measure.

The education system seems like an obvious institution to implement spelling and grammar reforms. It both has the information about what sorts of spelling/grammar rules are particularly expensive to learn, and the authority to decide what rules should be learned.

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I wonder if creating nanomachines on Earth is going to be made even more difficult because the environment is already absolutely lousy with hostile autonomous nanorobots (bacteria)

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let's make a chaos survey. Here you can submit questions to include in the survey. You can include any question, as long as it's in the specified format. I encourage you to get creative:

Are self-driving cars as reliable as humans yet? If yes, when did this happen? If no, how far are we away?

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"You do math? You must be good with numbers"

"Oh no, the kind of math I do is different, I don't have to be good with numbers"

"What kind of math do you do?"

"Number theory"


a Schelling point for those who seek one