fortunately it's a recruiting firm and my contract will be moved to a real company in 3 months so i won't have to deal with this garbage again

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my workplace is making me actually use security questions

i have to change my password on my workplace benefits thing every 3 months (already bad) and i have to use my security questions to change my password (fucking hell)

i set mine to random gibberish because the answers can almost certainly be found on my mother's public facebook feed

and i can almost guarantee that the security questions don't change along with the password

i think i'm going to unfollow all the people who are just crossposting though

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you're going to die

maybe decades from now, maybe weeks from now

what are you going to do about it?

even though most of my posts here are crossposts from the birdsite, i do still check in here and see posts

i used to laugh at people who build ikea furniture wrong

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halfway through building my cabinet from ikea i realized i put the backing on the wrong way

i think i will leave it like this, as a monument to hubris

no indoctrination here only outdoctrination

looking at clouds is highly underrated

they're really extremely pretty, in a way that is difficult to capture with a picture

i am contemplating becoming an anti-shoe account as well

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it doesn't have to be this way, you can become strong and flexible by moving around constantly

you just have to sit on the floor

RT @imhinesmi
Sit on the floor and move around while on your computer, you'll feel better

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this is an anti-chair account

chairs force you to remain in a very narrow range of postures for hours every day

and then you act surprised when your back hurts and you have no flexibility

hmm the angle you hold your neck at affects your ability to breathe

it's harder for me to breathe if i have my neck completely straight

pillow->snoring pipeline?

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but not using a pillow hurts if you're used to one

i've tried, and my head ends up tilted way back because my back is bent

is this the posture version of addiction?

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i'm convinced that pillows have to be bad for posture

your spine is supposed to be straight, why the hell does your head need to be elevated when you lie down?

your head being in front of your spine adds a bunch of stress on your spine, doesn't it?

@TetraspaceGrouping probably within weeks of it actually existing, honestly

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anyways purple is an excellent color and i love it very much

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a Schelling point for those who seek one