halfway through building my cabinet from ikea i realized i put the backing on the wrong way

i think i will leave it like this, as a monument to hubris

turning on gps directions for the sole reason of getting to tell a computer to shut up

seems about right

circumstances make me think its a bit low (was doing this while eating, somewhat tired)

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me realizing that socializing on twitter dot com is but a pale simulation of the real thing, never actually satisfying the need for human connection

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boss: yeah the new subcontractors are just going to be starting immediately, they dont have anything to wait on

me, still not having access to a dev environment:

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oh god i made them again

it is taking more self control than i usually possess to not just shovel them all into my mouth
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cherry pecan sugar delivery mechanism

/three/ footworks and noxious fumes lmao

probably the dumbest build since i had a shuriken, a kunai, and a pile of blade dances

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mom: "ian this is really good you gotta write down the recipe so we can eat it again"

me, having measured precisely nothing and not remembering what spices i used:

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a Schelling point for those who seek one