Behold the tale of a Facebook data scientist fired because he refused to run a little test that his bosses demanded ...

... in which he'd update Messenger so that it drained some users' batteries faster

The data scientist accurately noted that this was unethical as hell -- it could literally endanger people who rely on their phone as a lifeline

As @pluralistic notes, it's part of why "feudal security" -- trusting a big tech firm to keep you safe -- never really works:

short low effort posts + rapid feedback = twitter

longer more effortful posts + slow feedback = blog

mastodon does not fit in this, despite me being fully on board with the concept :/

so far the only people who do seem to post around here are programmer type people. like hacker-news, but twitter like

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so i think the main aspect of social media in general, and twitter in particular is the whole i'm already here for a short quick dopamine hit, but i can also post stuff and get feedback and dopamine

for me i still haven't found on mastodon the same level of engagement that would make me open it, nor do i find the same level of rapid feedback

this makes me want to write longer form and post it on my blog instead LMFAO

how bad did they fuck up this time

yeah, i also messaged some moots on discord and they also said that twitter is down for them

good news is that i'm using the time to focus on longform writing (was going to do so anyways, but now i have a twitter corporation made distraction blocker)

i keep forgetting that toots are longer than tweets. my writing has definitely gotten more short and snappy and this is a good thing.

but i don't need to make each point into a tweet/toot

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(i mean like, i myself am not exempt from this shit lol)

maybe we should make meme bots to get people to come and stay?

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it doesn't look like my account has been banned nor shadow banned. but it deeply bothers me

makes me regret not posting as much on mastodon

the main problem rn is that most of the people i'm interested in are on twitter and i have no clue how to encourage them to migrate

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TIL that there is a "daily limit" for tweets. i can't tweet nor retweet.

even worse, for some reason my DMs stopped working.

lowkey suspect that its because i added a link to my blog. but the again i actually have been tweeting a lot this week

@mordecai > "humans like thinking with symbols, computers are all about numbers, how do you translate between the two?" have also just vanished from discussions

still exists but under the term mechanistic interprability. asks the question whats going on in the neural net and how did it get this result

still has lots of open problems


if you lose 50% of your capital, you need to make 100% gains to get back to your starting point

even if you're an absolute maniac, stop losses are still in your interest. you can make a case that you shouldn't automate them, but you still need a stop loss

@cosmiccitizen Hoffer's writing is poetry!!! and its sharp af. took me over a year to finish reading True Believer because it was too intense

haven't read The Dictator's Handbook, but i did watch CGP Grey's video of it. read a bit of Why Nations Fail

i'd love to hear more recommendations!

@ajvermillion still curious about this question though

> would it be fair to say that if you cannot get a vote on something you need, that violence is a good option?

and more broadly what are your views on violence.

100% against it? only in self-defense? only under certain circumstances?

do you think most people avoid it out of fear?

(i'm not endorsing violence, but i think people completely disregard it and outsource it)

@ajvermillion i like and can support this goal ("the system which needs no fight")

@ajvermillion so voting is good because it prevents fights is what you're saying?

in that case would it be fair to say that if you cannot get a vote on something you need, that violence is a good option?

(i disagree that you'd win a fight simply by headcount, but thats besides the point)

A lot of people in 1995 thought the web should remain non-commercial

Now we know that they were right

@zimablue my problem w voting is that mobs can be manipulated w fear mongering and lies. and that most people (incl. myself) are not educated well enough to properly understand how the gov is doing, how to organize, etc.

also government staff is not voted in. but they still have a critical role in gov

@zimablue yeah you cant finance large projects / wars without getting people/investors/countries backing you

i've studied fiinance so its easy to find examples

but this doesnt translate to helping the masses

e.g. the IMF provides loans and economicc reforms to states. these reforms will help the state in international trade in the long run, but in the sgirt term harm the masses

also they have a history of working w dictators who misuse loans & leave the state in more debt w a worse economy

5. i feel like this stuff should be in a political science 101 book. but at the same time what little political books ive found seem to want to push a square peg through a round hole. forcing a theory instead of looking at the data

my impression of history books is that they try to tell a story. they dont compare between different events

True Believer by Eric Hoffer is a good example of the type of book i want to read. talks about social movements and brings several historical case studies

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a Schelling point for those who seek one