What's breaking to cause this to happen? I can click on each non-rendered thumbnail to get to the actual image.

A broad political coalition came together to reform electoral rules and remove ambiguities/weaknesses, fund Ukraine, and keep the government working, and it wasn't a huge story. All of it just worked. It was boring and functional and so good.

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US Politics feels so normal right now. Democracy is basically functional. There's a bipartisan agreement to keep the government funded and debts paid that didn't require any brinksmanship. Both parties are cheering on the leader of a democracy fighting against a fascist state. "The United States" is a coherent entity that does things other than deadlock against itself and threaten to collapse. Stuff is basically working. I love it.

@ciphergoth (1) seems much more tractable now than I would have expected prior to the advent of LLMs. Old LW lore often invoked evil genies who would follow the letter but not spirit of the utility function. It seems like that problem is ~approaching solved. (2) still looms large, of course - but if we've stumbled into almost solving the evil genie subproblem, that seems worth celebrating.

10 years ago a lot of AI Safety discussion turned on distilling humanity's meta-ethics into a machine-readable form. Today our most impressive AI's approximately reflect all the human content we could find for them, encoded in a semantically-meaningful way. We can convey intuitive preferences to the machines now. We can't guarantee that they'll actually optimize on those preferences, but the fact that the concepts are available seems under-discussed.

As Mastodon makes a go of being a real social platform, it would probably be a good idea to aggressively boost content from people you like. Discovery is one of the main stumbling blocks right now.

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Built-in history logging in shells should be a lot more durable and include more metadata. I use a little PROMPT_COMMAND function to do this in bash, and it's super useful to go back and see what I did before. A coworker recently tweaked my function to work in zsh: jefftk.com/p/logging-shell-his

It's pretty cool that (1) there appears to be a meaningful electoral penalty for opposing democracy and (2) Congress is about to pass a law clarifying most of the ambiguities that could otherwise lead to a crisis in a disputed Presidential election. The 2024 Presidential Election may end up being much less important than the last few, and that would be a huge relief.

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absence of QT function makes covering news events here really difficult, fwiw

@moultano Are there ways to (mildly?) punish instances that don't keep spam under control?


a Schelling point for those who seek one