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It’s official: I’m starting a newsletter! After seven years of throwing rocks at Silicon Valley as a freelancer, I’m going direct to my readers.

If you want a critical perspective on the tech industry, it’s time to subscribe!

#tech #politics #newsletter

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If ea is a cult where is my assigned handler who tells me I'm doing a good job every time I'm stressed and holds my hand when I go take a snack break

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A solution is technical if it is precise enough to be goodharted, and social if it's so cryptonormatively imprecise that it can be used to coalitionally extract value

My : a list of non-radical ideas
- Giving >=10% of your income to charity
- Using prediction markets for policy making
- Universal basic income
- Open-source software in education & government
- Digital participatory democracy
- Slowing down AI progress
- Replacing coal power plants with nuclear
- High progressive taxes on wealth and inheritance
- Veganism
- Tradable energy quotas
- A 30-hour (or less) work week
- Lowering voting age to 12
- Reparations for colonialism and slavery

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If I have short timelines does that mean I can get away with not wearing sunscreen?

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really, the thing i care most about right now is cultivating attention

doing things without distraction. sitting with things. following a routine to deload some cognitive burden. working out more. doing things for reasons other than wanting to do them. i know all these things make me happy as a person

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Useful test: don't join a Mastodon instance that doesn't let you follow - defederated by many instances because they hired a policeman who had used a Pi to do police work in the past, and were then unapologetic about it.


a Schelling point for those who seek one