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honestly. im very happy that i was born a man instead of a woman. women have it worse off

sure i *might* get drafted to die in a war and ought to be the breadwinner. but
• i get 0 sexual harrasment
• no one projects their shit on me
• no one assumes i'm incompetent in anything

despite this, you get guys who think women have it better smfh (mainly due to women having more legal rights, & more sexual power)

how shitty does your life have to be to hate your own gender lol

@pee_zombie @locus

to what degree can the instance be modified? i have a few ideas that seem promising

1. add a donor badge

2. organize threads so we don't read them in reverse

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@pee_zombie @locus what things can the average user do to help the server out?

e.g. saw a toot saying that its better to upload videos and images to other hosting platforms (like youtube) and link to that in order to save space and bandwidth for the server

what other low hanging fruit is there?

Mastodon seems to dislike bots, which is a welcome change

couldn't discuss psychedelics nor cryptocurrencies on twitter without getting spammed by a bunch of bots

i'm going to need to write a mastodon basics guide. (or happy to see if one already exists)

also have a few ui improvements. so more stuff to research around that

Elon will be forced to sell Twitter for ~10B, and he'll pretend like the whole episode was a great victory in the war against the "woke mind virus" that is "threatening Western civilization (wink wink)"

the different character limit throws me off

i don't remember the last time i had to split a tweet into two halves. i have perfected the art of compressing thoughts to tweets. and now the toots are bigger

since there are no rules, we'll make up the rules

If you are new to #mastodon, migrating from #twitter and you love to post videos, please consider posting your video over at a hosting site such as Youtube or Vimeo (others exist). Then post the link, it should show and play in your Toot.
It saves your server from having to store and stream huge quantities of extra data.
I'm going to add into here that federated hosting exists in the form of #peertube as well which is worth a look at.

we have retvrned to the original form of twitter. we must bring back the hashtags if we wish to index our search

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tried searching for tpot and vibecamp, and looks like the search is weak. only works if i look for a hashtag

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first thought is that i want quote tweets so i can enjoy people threading stuff

now i'm thinking that maybe threads can be a scrapbook of ideas. fertile fuel for blog posts to come

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a Schelling point for those who seek one