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scaling up communication channels without scaling up empathy & human decency = our current state

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this is a comfy respite from the Discourse™

no clout chasing, no posturing, no big empty void

just a friendly intimate authentic space

*breathes a sigh of relief, flexes fingers, and stretches arm behind back*

space is the place...

and this is a nice place :D

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despite having 15x more twitter followers than fediverse followers, i get more interaction on fediverse than twitter


Just so yall know everything posted here is still public but requires a click through On the landingpage

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Does blocking a domain block all users in that domain from following me?

Enjoying the sense of space here.

Here's a thought, you can tell much about how your voice is being received based on the size of the room.

Bigger room, you don't know who heard you. Smaller room, everyone heard you.

Immediacy in feedback has different properties in room size. Silence is signal.

We need intrepid explorers to connect us with the best other federations out there.

and by wholesale denial I mean denial by elite and platform owners

if we had tools for nebulous community idenification and then affordances to follow or block i think it would self manage

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little denials of network access here and there prevent wholesale denial of network access

pretty convinced this is the way forward

you don't get to keep playing in the most visible sandbox if you piss people off and say droll/dumb/nasty stuff with negative value

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coldblooded blocking poa

both amazing and terrifying in that it's so easy to deny network access

this is good actually

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Hey y'all, can you give me a list of your favourite fedi instances? Optionally with an explanation of why they're your favourites.

Boosts welcome!

"Epik [a domain service provider] Addresses Calls to Deplatform Dozens of Online Communities"

@PstafarianPrice remembering our conversation about ideologically aligned economic-partners as a defendable position to have opinions in.

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The main threat of lock-in isn't price increases, it's business termination.

Obscured / redundant infrastructure providers as a first defense against attacks on network disconnects.

I wonder if this will go all the way to ISP network-level attacks on right-affiliated data centers.

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A mishmash:

Speech probably should be guaranteed at the protocol level.

big tech are either neutral publishing platforms that are insulated from the legal consequences of the speech of its users or they are 'editorializers' that bear the responsibility for what is said by users and users don't really own their own words. Can't have both.

okay thats enuff learning a new platform for one day

besides alt comms, not sure what I want to say here that I don't already say on main, something to think about...

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a Schelling point for those who seek one