One day our Mycelial Networks will push out of Earth and into Sky.

@taalumot is there some group that's more active on mastodon that wpuld be a good follow

might need to get setup in an additional msstodon server

cc @jes5199 @taalumot recs?

honestly like how much smaller mastodon feels to me for certain moods (tired, needing the coziest of cloysters)

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scaling up communication channels without scaling up empathy & human decency = our current state

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this is a comfy respite from the Discourse™

no clout chasing, no posturing, no big empty void

just a friendly intimate authentic space

*breathes a sigh of relief, flexes fingers, and stretches arm behind back*

space is the place...

and this is a nice place :D

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despite having 15x more twitter followers than fediverse followers, i get more interaction on fediverse than twitter


Just so yall know everything posted here is still public but requires a click through On the schelling.pt landingpage

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Does blocking a domain block all users in that domain from following me?

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a Schelling point for those who seek one