@me this one sure hits different without the poll

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I maintain that a big chunk of harm caused in interpersonal relationships is downstream of people not wanting to feel the sting of morality dysphoria that comes from explicitly hurting someone, even in a very small way.

@tess why don't you have actionable ambitions? do you have any goals/desires to work towards?
seems weird

@pee_zombie probably not

i've spent maybe 4 hours on mastodon in my life, these are very much first impressions

@pee_zombie yes, and i also notice that whenever i've used or played with mastodon, i've never seen uhh RTs or whatever from non-mastodon servers

maybe that's just because the userbase is smaller? but there's a difference between mere protocol compatibility and actual functional integration of data/content posted on different platforms

@Rrrrrrr oh no they've made it clear that not implementing QTs was a deliberate feature

@pee_zombie the forking also seems like potentially a problem? like, i think it's good that instances can do things differently and still talk to each other, but i strongly suspect that it's gonna cause issues when they're using different sets of features, different design, different assumptions for how things work

@Rrrrrrr i mean yes, you can do it if you really want to, but the UI support is zero

when really it should be frictionless for me to use it the way i want to

which is fine i guess, the devs aren't obligated to build a perfect copy

but it seems quite clear to me that their vision for what they want to build is not at all aligned with what i like about twitter or what i want to use it for

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so it would seem that mastodon doesn't really have UI for threads, doesn't support QTs, and doesn't support search of posts except for hashtags

for being ostensibly a clone or replacement to twitter, it doesn't actually have the features needed to support the way i use twitter

@lisatomic is urbit ever going to be ready for mass adoption

feels like vaporware

@lisatomic lack of ui for threads is very frustrating

as is lack of QTs, functional search...

@tess oh my lord this is frustrating to read

and apparently we can't search posts except for hashtags either?

@niplav I meant, is there a way to stop RTs from a specific account from showing up in my feed

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