get ready for an uptick in the "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear" argument, and the stigmatization of decentralized & privacy-forward tech

why don't you just use Twitter and Facebook, huh? are you a racist Nazi pedophile?

@pareinoia I’m actually not expecting this. Signal is #1 on app stores, Telegram just had a massive 25m influx of users. Only bluechecks might try to push that, if anything stuff like EARN IT just got way more precarious than it was before.

From a public opinion perspective anyway. Both parties are very unhappy with section 230 so we can expect terrible legislation incoming.

@pareinoia seeing so many normies on Facebook already saying this kind of thing, and it will be even more common once the new admin starts pushing for stronger moderation controls

@pareinoia i have the excuse of being libertarian socialist* but not everyone does

*probably more acceptable, but makes avoiding large corporations understandable

@pareinoia at least it’ll shift the axis from left/right to top-down/bottom-up. Would give the libertarian-leaning left- and right-of-center more common ground. Maybe they’ll even start hanging out more.

@pareinoia and again, be ready for it from people like TastyTea who will literally turn around and villainize anybody who archives *their* posts

@pareinoia I am pretty sure I am by my shit holes definition of all those terms ...
and its because I am just an honest person who often makes crude jokes and likes anime.
pic related when is japan making the real vaccines all the shutin weebs actualy need?

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