@alex ed(1) still works. As long as that remains the case, I will have confidence that the coming collapse is survivable for those who have prepared for it.

Also, annals of related rants twitter.com/ecree429/status/13

@TetraspaceGrouping fipple crew represent

but do you call it a "soprano" or a "descant"? (see also "alto" vs. "treble")

@pareinoia This is an outrage, up with which I will not put!

The singular is *criterion*, dammit!

This is what a mathematician sees when you number your list with lower-case Roman numerals. Sadly 4 and 6 clash, owing to commutativity.

Yes, this is a terrible joke. No, I'm not sorry.

[x-post from birb site]

Question for Henry Georgists. If someone creates their own land (reclamation, seasteading, whatever) is that exempt from the tax? Since its "unimproved value" is nil (or at least de minimis).

And is this retroactive? The Fens? The Netherlands?

(x-post from the birb site. Yeah, I'm still not set up to do that automagically. Sue me.)

@lolitsnotreal_ Now, I'm just an armchair etymologist, but I'm pretty sure the definition of "supposably" should be "in a manner which can be inserted rectally".

wait until @WomanCorn hears about "improper vulgar fractions".


Sparse is a great way to extend the C type system; sure, it's no ML type calculus, but it gives us a lot of the things we need (e.g. __user pointers, endian annotations).

@WomanCorn Some of us still hack on kernels, where your program *is* the runtime.

As usenix.org/system/files/1311_0 puts it,
"if you find yourself drinking a martini and writing programs in garbage-collected, object-oriented Esperanto, be aware that the only reason that the Esperanto runtime works is because there are systems people who have exchanged any hope of losing their virginity for the exciting opportunity to think about hex numbers"

@amir see this is why I was only ever rat-adj. I have (and loudly voice) *many* object-level opinions, and can't derive *any* of them directly from theoretical arguments about the Solomonoff prior & what kind of aliens control it, so I was always Insufficiently Rational to consider myself a rat. Sure I could correctly calibrate my confidence levels, and never be more than 58% sure of anything _interesting_, but where's the fun in that?

(Don't get me wrong, I love the ratsphere. But still.)

@lolitsnotreal_ Your daily reminder that bitcoin is a fiat currency (derives its value entirely from agio) whereas gold and silver, as commodity monies, have a bedrock non-agio component to stabilise them against bears jttlov.no-ip.org/writings/mone

@amir "Eat my shorts." As usual, the Simpsons predicted the future 😛

@WomanCorn schools are clearly projecting. (Different kind of abuse, but still.)

@PstafarianPrice "R17 is not a fixed velocity, but it is clearly far too fast."

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