@cerebrate Wait, you can run VMS on a microcontroller now? Technology is amazing.

@cerebrate "Oh, this is a coded question about nullification, isn't it? Sure, my conscience would object to helping enforce an unjust law, but surely a fine upstanding State like you wouldn't have passed any of those, _right_?" *pointed look*

@cerebrate Okay. I guess I don't quite speak fluent uspol, which is probably lucky of me on the whole. (And on reflection I may be conflating "rugged" with "resourceful"; I'm not too sure where the line is drawn.)

@cerebrate I guess I'm thinking of stuff like _Darkness_Within_. Certainly the modal Imperial sitting pretty in the middle of the CEZ surrounded by wonderful sophs and shiny everything should never be faced with a situation like that. But from my read of the Imperial psyche I'd've thought it'd be important to them to be able to honestly believe they _could_ handle it. Is that not what you mean by "ruggedness"?

@cerebrate A superior libertarian is one who uses his superior moral philosophy to avoid situations requiring the exercise of his superior ruggidity?

@wolfyseyes One of the nice things about IRC is that, it being ephemeral, people aren't tempted to make it stand in for a forum, wiki, or (whisper it) actual fucking documentation.

@cerebrate Had to make this…


@cerebrate That's nothing new. You know about Peterloo, right?

@cerebrate In any case he can, canonically, buttle with the best of them.

@cerebrate regarding eldraeverse.com/2019/04/04/hea , which I happened to be re-reading today:

> “Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!”
> no-one with a tank, ever

Only because no-one was ever incautious enough to give Jack Churchill a tank.

@intransitivelie The sugar one was probably your best bet tbh. Other spices (cinnamon? ginger?) might also work. And you wouldn't want to flood the local market for any single commodity.

You'd want to make sure to warn your customers that your spices are stronger than they're used to — most lost a lot of their flavour/pungency during transport so their recipes call for quite big quantities which with fresh spice would over-flavour the dish.

@intransitivelie the "being a wizard" thing was covered over 130 years ago by Mark Twain (A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court). Very entertaining, would recommend.

You'd need a huge quantity of salt to match the value of a handful of gold. Lindybeige did a video on that.

... you're right about aluminium, but you spelt it wrong :P


@cerebrate If they haven't read the manual they shouldn't even be able to figure out how to quit.

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@cerebrate "...buried in soft peat for six months and recycled as firelighters".

("Wait. The form, or the applicant?")

@cerebrate Btw, did you really think we wouldn't notice that you named the two parts of your grammatical construction the "car" and "cdr"?

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